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Beauty on a Budget: Eyes

As much as I love my fancier makeup items, I know that not everyone can afford or are willing to pay for the higher-end brands, so I wanted to do a short series of posts and videos on some really awesome budget makeup products that are still really great quality!

I am going to be recommending budget-friendly products that I have used and have been very happy with the quality. I will give them a rating in a percentage based on my opinion of how close they come to their high-end counterpart! So if I think a budget item is as good as the high end one, 100% it is! I will not be recommending any products that aren’t at least an 80% rating.

I am judging the makeup in a variety of ways. How long they last, smell, color payoff, how well they blend, etc. The main things I look for when I buy new products!

Please check out my video to hear my reviews and thoughts on all these products and check out all the details on the products and where to buy them below!

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Urban Decay Primer Potion: $20 USD  vs Elf Eyelid Primer: $1 USD
Potential Savings: $19 USD
Rating: 98%

Cream Shadows/Bases

MAC Paint Pots: $18.50 USD vs Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo: $5.84 USD
Potential Savings: $12.66 USD
Rating: 100%


MAC/Urban Decay Eyeshadow Pot: $15/$18 USD vs NYX Eyeshadow Pot: $4.99 USD
Potential Savings: $10-13 USD
Rating: 85-90%

Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette: $18.85 USD
Rating: 85-90%
Great starter eyeshadow kit for a great price!

Eyebrow Powder

Smashbox Brow Tech: $25 USD vs NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder: $6 USD
Potential Savings: $19 USD
Rating: 95%

Gel Eyeliner

MAC Fluidline: $15 USD vs Maybelline Gel Liner: $7.94 USD

Potential Savings: $7.06 USD
Rating: 100%

Pencil Eyeliner

MAC Eye Kohl $15 USD vs NYX Slide On Pencil $7.99 USD
Potential Savings: $7 USD
Rating: 95%


Dior Show Mascara: $25 USD/Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara: $19 USD vs Maybelline The Falsies Flared: $5.94 USD/Maybelline The Colossal Cat Eyes: $6.29 USD
Potential Savings: $12-$19 USD
Rating: 95%

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The Style Ref Guest Post – Top 5 Game Day Accessories

Today’s post is brought to you by my pal Kathy aka The Style Ref! Kathy’s blog is a unique destination for fashionable sports fans with an eye for style. Today TSR is giving us her top 5 game day accessories that will have you looking your best! Be sure to subscribe to The Style Ref and like them on Facebook!

Also, be sure to check out my guest post, Game Day Glam, on TSR so you can further your team spirit through your makeup!


In sports, as well as in life, preparation is one of the keys to success. For sports fans with an eye for style, figuring out what to wear on game day requires a little planning. So don’t forget about the accessories because a few crucial items can be the one-point difference in your winning day. As always, The Style Ref is here to help you with everything you need to get ready for the game in style!

Check out TSR’s top 5 accessories for fashionable sports fans on game day:

Comfortable Shoes

Florida State University NCAA Women’s Campus Classics Toms

Time Tracker

 Gametime Washington Redskins NFL Women’s Glitz Watch

Spirit Shades

Society 43 Kansas State NCAA Throwbacks Sunglasses

Convenient Carry-All

Denver Broncos NFL Wristlet Purse

Face Time

UNC Tar Heels NCAA Compact Mirror

For more about everything at the intersection of fashion and sports, visit www.thestyleref.com!


The Style Ref

Makeup Brushes 101 – Your Basic Guide to Beauty Brushes

makeup brushes I just woke up to a pitch-black bedroom and thunder. Yuck! Regardless, I’m glad it’s the weekend! I had a request from a friend to do a video about some basics of makeup brushes. I think makeup brushes are essential for applying your makeup well. Just like a painter needs their brushes to create their masterpiece, a makeup artist (or makeup user) needs brushes to do the same!

My favorite brushes I own are my MAC Cosmetics brushes and more recently my Real Techniques brushes which are a great option for those on a budget.

Some other great options for brushes are SephoraSigma Beauty, and Inglot Cosmetics. In my video I also talk about a brush that I’ve been really happy with that I purchased from CVS.

Please share with me and comment on what your favorite and most versatile brushes are!

I hope you enjoy my video and please comment and let me know if you have any questions about makeup brushes!



Wedding Keepsake Ornament

Happy Hump Day? I don’t really celebrate any week day other than Friday if you know what I mean, but hey, the week is half over, right?

Today I wanted to show you this really simple way to make a keepsake with an item you have saved from your wedding day! I got married four months ago yesterday (Wow, has it already been that long?), and like many brides I saved many items as memories from my special day.

I’ve already shown you a great idea for what to do with your dried out wedding bouquet and I’m happy to hear that people are loving the idea! If you tried it post your photos on my Facebook Page!

Another item I kept from our wedding was my husbands boutonniere. It had been sitting around for the past few months. John suggested we just toss it–no way! You could also always throw it in your jar with your bouquet, but we happened to be walking around Michael’s and got inspired.

Make it into an ornament! Now, this did take some gentle manipulating to slide the boutonniere into the ornament, but it wasn’t too difficult. I love the simplicity of this and how it’s something we’ll be able to display every year around the holidays and remember our wedding day. :) If you do find this too simple, you can always add glitter, ribbon, lace, the possibilities are really endless!

Wedding Keepsake Ornament

Wedding Keepsake Ornament

Please share photos if you decide to make your boutonniere into an ornament! This idea is really versatile too, the things you can put in the ornament are really endless.



New look and new video! Yeah!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your week is starting off well even though I know we all wish it was still the weekend. Are you watching the Olympics? I am really enjoying it. It’s extra cool to me this year since John and I were just in London in April. There wasn’t much set-up there yet in April, but we adore London so it’s fun to see all the sights again.

First bit of news for you all is that daniellerutherford.com has a new look! Please check it out and let me know what you think. I love it! There will be some minor tweaks over the next few weeks but the majority of the makeover is complete.

Second announcement for the day is that I have a new video up. It’s a tutorial on a really simple summery look. It’s honestly really easy and you can be out the door in 5-10 minutes. In this video I did a different format where I talked through what I was doing versus doing a voice over like I had in my Catwoman video. Let me know which way you like more!

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