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Rihanna-Inspired Makeup Tutorial – Bronzed Summer Look

Rihanna Makeup Tutorial

Happy Friday everyone and cheers to the freaking weekend? See what I did there? o_0

I am so happy to have finally been able to film another makeup tutorial. With all the craziness with moving and starting a new job, I just struggled to find the time, but the wait is over!

Today my video walks you though on how to create a bronzed summery look that was inspired by what Rihanna wore to the Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Show this month in Paris. Like I mention in the video, I follow both Rihanna and her current makeup artist, Loreleicakes on Instargram, so when I saw them posting photos from the event I fell in love with the look they went with!

Rihanna Makeup Tutorial

This look is great for Summer and really not very difficult at all to recreate for yourself! Be sure to checkout my video below if you want to look as fab and glamorous as RiRi did in Paris.

Speaking of Rihanna, did anyone pick up any of her LE MAC products? Unfortunately I didn’t pick any up and I’m regretting it now! I wish I had picked up Heaux, it’s gorgeous! Lucky for those of us who missed out, the lippies are all very dupeable: RiRi Woo (Ruby Woo), Heaux (Rebel), and RiRi Boy (Up The Amp).



Katharine McPhee Golden Globes Makeup Look

Katharine McPhee Golden Globes Makeup

I am a little late getting this post up and I apologize! If it matters, I thought I already had posted this…

When I was watching the Golden Globes two weekends ago, a few stars in particular caught my eye with how beautiful they looked. One that really stood out to me was Katharine McPhee, star of Smash. Now, I LOVED the first season of Smash! I highly recommend checking it our if you love Broadway, performance,  singing, etc.  If you loved season one as much as me, you can go watch the first hour of the season two premier on Hulu!

Back to the Golden Globes…Katharine looks so mature and stunning in her gown and I thought her makeup was on point! Nars Cosmetics was kind enough to pin a photo of what they used to create her look. Now, while I love Nars, I didn’t have even one of the products they used. Sad. I refused to let this defeat me and I recreated the look using what I had on hand!

Please be sure to check out my video to see how I recreated the look and if you haven’t yet, subscribe to my channel! xx