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Fall Editorial Punk Shoot in NYC

Happy 2014 everyone! I know it’s been much too long since I last posted, but here I am!

To kick off the new year, I wanted to share with you all some images from a shoot I worked on back in November. It was a editorial punk shoot and I was lucky to be asked to work with such a great group. The photographer, Brandon Haynes, was able to get some really amazing shots and our stylist Shay Baker had some great looks put together for our gorgeous model Rohannia.

I had such a fun time working with this team as we all worked along to some Yeezus (truth).

I love being able to share my work here and it’s always amazing to see the final images and how beautifully everything comes together. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day, I hope you love them as much as I do. (Click on each image to enlarge!)

For booking inquires contact me at danielle@daniellerutherford.com.


Holiday Gift Guide for Her 2013 – Danielleisms

Gift Guide for Her

Holiday shopping season is upon us, and I know every year I can struggle with gift ideas for my friends and family. So this year I wanted to post my  gift guide for her and show you my top 6 picks for the special lady in your life!

1. H&M Knit Sweater $19.95 – When I saw this sweater at H&M I immediately fell in love. Not only is it super cute for a beauty lover, but I think it’s also a little funky too and can’t help but make me think of Rocky Horror. Not to mention, it’s warm and affordable!

2. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette $27.00 – This is a palette I think every girl should have in her makeup collection. It doesn’t matter if she likes to rock dramatic evening looks, or only wears makeup every now and then. It’s so useful and one of the most functional and affordable palettes on the market!

3. Case-Mate DIY Case $35.00+ – I have one of these custom photo cases and I can’t tell you how many people stop to ask me about it.

4.  Sephora Fragrance Sampler for Her $65.00 – Fragrance is a personal thing and I’d normally tell you not to buy someone a new fragrance unless it’s one you know they specifically want. The reason I love this set is that if your wife, mom, or sister love perfumes, they get to sample 14 fragrances and then are left with a voucher to redeem for a full-size bottle of their favorite!

5. Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation $48.00 – While this foundation may be a little pricey, it’s amazing. It’s long-wearing and buildable, so you can get a more natural finish, or add a little more to look super flawless on a date or night out. While I normally tend to stay away from super pricey foundations, this one is worth it! If you’re unsure what shade to purchase, try out Sephora’s Color IQ matching system online!

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Wingman Phone Wallet $148.00 – I have one of these small iPhone wallets myself and I have been finding it so handy lately. I can fit my iPhone, ID, a few cards, and even a lipstick in it and be out the door. Sometimes you don’t want to be bothered carrying out a big bag all night, so this wristlet is perfect. It’s a beautiful gift for the holidays without breaking the bank too much.

I hope my gift guide will help as we all start shopping for the holidays! What are some things you’re wishing for this year?



Magazine Submission Shoot: Autumn in Central Park

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of working with a great team of girls for a magazine submission shoot in Central Park. When I found out where we were shooting, I couldn’t have been more excited. The park is absolutely gorgeous this time of year with varying Autumnal shades of gold, red, and orange.

Our model Janna was showcasing pieces that were quite classic and chic, so I decided to do a slightly grungy smoked out eye to bring a bit of edge to the look. I immediately knew I wanted to create the look around Club eyeshadow from MAC Cosmetics. MAC describes the shade as a reddish-brown with green pearl, but I think it’s more special than that. It’s really multi-dimensional with hints of blue, green, brown, and grey. Other colors used on her eyes were MAC Electra and Urban Decay Naked and Venus.

It was such a beautiful day and the sun was plentiful. Anjali was able to create beautiful shots with the help of the sun and colors of the park. As cliche as it sounds, it was really a picture perfect day.

Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot. [Click to enlarge.]

Photographer: Anjali Kiggal

Makeup: Danielle Rutherford (coming soon!)

Hair: Katelyn McGinn

Model: Janna Levinn


The Style Ref Guest Post – Top 5 Game Day Accessories

Today’s post is brought to you by my pal Kathy aka The Style Ref! Kathy’s blog is a unique destination for fashionable sports fans with an eye for style. Today TSR is giving us her top 5 game day accessories that will have you looking your best! Be sure to subscribe to The Style Ref and like them on Facebook!

Also, be sure to check out my guest post, Game Day Glam, on TSR so you can further your team spirit through your makeup!


In sports, as well as in life, preparation is one of the keys to success. For sports fans with an eye for style, figuring out what to wear on game day requires a little planning. So don’t forget about the accessories because a few crucial items can be the one-point difference in your winning day. As always, The Style Ref is here to help you with everything you need to get ready for the game in style!

Check out TSR’s top 5 accessories for fashionable sports fans on game day:

Comfortable Shoes

Florida State University NCAA Women’s Campus Classics Toms

Time Tracker

 Gametime Washington Redskins NFL Women’s Glitz Watch

Spirit Shades

Society 43 Kansas State NCAA Throwbacks Sunglasses

Convenient Carry-All

Denver Broncos NFL Wristlet Purse

Face Time

UNC Tar Heels NCAA Compact Mirror

For more about everything at the intersection of fashion and sports, visit www.thestyleref.com!


The Style Ref

Beautiful Inside and Out: Are You Fashionably Fit?

Race For The Cure 10k

I recently joined a LA Fitness near my house. So far I am not loving it, but that is a story for another day. One thing I always notice when I’m in these big health clubs, is how some women seem to make quite an effort to be stylish and cute for their workouts. A lot of women I see have really cute workout wardrobes, which is great for them, but I’d personally rather spend my money other places. I think I own maybe three workout tank tops I got from Target and everything else I wear are old t-shirts.

I know that there are actually quite a few brands out there who put the fashion in fitness, such as Lululemon, Champion, Nike, etc. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, but as I mentioned before, you’ll see me picking up a new lip gloss before I pick up a new fitness gear. And yes, I know that a lot of these brands offer products that are beneficial to athletes with things like sweat/moisture wicking fabric, etc.

However, it goes beyond the clothes, I see a lot of women at the gym with their hair down (WHAT?) which just blows my mind. How is it possible to get a good workout with your long hair down and flowing across your shoulders and back. Ew, ew, ew. I can’t even imagine doing that.

Then there is makeup, I was in the locker room and saw a girl around my age trying to get off her heavy eye makeup with water and a paper towel. She made a comment to me that she was embarrassed to workout with all that makeup on from work. I sympathized with her as we agreed she wasn’t going to get to far with the scratchy paper towel and water, and she went on to workout with a half-there smokey eye. I applaud her effort.

Running outside in Florida is hard, okay?

Speaking for myself, I don’t put too much time and thought into my what I wear to the gym or when I workout. In fact, it’s safe to say if you ever see me at the gym I will look like quite the hot mess and be stinky and sweaty. In my opinion, being fashionable for the gym isn’t important and it seems a little silly. I can see not wanting to look like a hot mess, but I see people who really make an effort to look just as cute at the gym as they would if you ran into them at a restaurant.

Miranda Kerr for Reebok

I wonder if some women (clearly not me if you’re viewing these photos) feel a pressure to always be girly and  cute and ready to meet Mr. Right at any moment. Or maybe it’s that darn media that gets us every time. I was looking around online at women’s fitness apparel and I came across a Reebok campaign featuring Miranda Kerr (Orlando Bloom’s wifey).

To be honest, this ad kind of annoys me. We have this gorgeous super model, with her hair style to perfection, and her makeup done as if she had a red carpet event posing in fitness gear. It just seems weird to me, was a more natural look too much to ask for Reebok?

I hope you all don’t feel the pressure to look like Miranda when you hit the gym. Let’s not forget, the main reason for going to the gym and working out is our health, not our vanity.


Do you consider yourself to be fashionable fit? What reasons do you have for wanting to be your best in terms of fashion and beauty when you work out? Educate me!