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Emma Watson Makeup Tutorial – Golden Globes 2014

Emma Watson Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone! Today I am finally back with a new makeup tutorial! I love awards season and seeing what all the Hollywood stars wear on the red carpet (while I dream that I could be there as well!). This year a few ladies stood out to me, but one in particular took the cake.

Emma Watson looked absolutely stunning in her red Dior dress, with classic and simple makeup. In my opinion, Emma always looks so put together and classy. Most of us saw her grow up in the Harry Potter films and now she is proving to be a beautiful young woman. She is also such a great role model for young girls, unlike some people out there (hint: Miley Cyrus).

Emma Watson Makeup Tutorial

Image source: RCFA

What I loved about how her makeup artist did her makeup for the Globes, was that is was timeless, age appropriate, and a look anyone could wear. You can also really customize this look with your lip color to make it your own! Emma wore pink, but the options are limitless.

I’d also say that this makeup look is very representative of the looks she tends to go for at events. Nothing over the top or too dramatic, just enhancing her natural beauty with a little added glam here and there.

I hope you all enjoy my Emma Watson Makeup Tutorial and have an easy time recreating the look! Be sure to like and subscribe after watching the tutorial! xx