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Holiday Gift Guide for Her 2013 – Danielleisms

Gift Guide for Her

Holiday shopping season is upon us, and I know every year I can struggle with gift ideas for my friends and family. So this year I wanted to post my  gift guide for her and show you my top 6 picks for the special lady in your life!

1. H&M Knit Sweater $19.95 – When I saw this sweater at H&M I immediately fell in love. Not only is it super cute for a beauty lover, but I think it’s also a little funky too and can’t help but make me think of Rocky Horror. Not to mention, it’s warm and affordable!

2. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette $27.00 – This is a palette I think every girl should have in her makeup collection. It doesn’t matter if she likes to rock dramatic evening looks, or only wears makeup every now and then. It’s so useful and one of the most functional and affordable palettes on the market!

3. Case-Mate DIY Case $35.00+ – I have one of these custom photo cases and I can’t tell you how many people stop to ask me about it.

4.  Sephora Fragrance Sampler for Her $65.00 – Fragrance is a personal thing and I’d normally tell you not to buy someone a new fragrance unless it’s one you know they specifically want. The reason I love this set is that if your wife, mom, or sister love perfumes, they get to sample 14 fragrances and then are left with a voucher to redeem for a full-size bottle of their favorite!

5. Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation $48.00 – While this foundation may be a little pricey, it’s amazing. It’s long-wearing and buildable, so you can get a more natural finish, or add a little more to look super flawless on a date or night out. While I normally tend to stay away from super pricey foundations, this one is worth it! If you’re unsure what shade to purchase, try out Sephora’s Color IQ matching system online!

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Wingman Phone Wallet $148.00 – I have one of these small iPhone wallets myself and I have been finding it so handy lately. I can fit my iPhone, ID, a few cards, and even a lipstick in it and be out the door. Sometimes you don’t want to be bothered carrying out a big bag all night, so this wristlet is perfect. It’s a beautiful gift for the holidays without breaking the bank too much.

I hope my gift guide will help as we all start shopping for the holidays! What are some things you’re wishing for this year?



3 Ways to Clean Your Makeup Brushes + Cleaning Your beautyblender

Over the past year I’ve had several requests to make a video on how to clean your makeup brushes. This important chore is often overlooked, which isn’t good because it’s very important to keep you brushes clean and sanitary. Aint’ nobody one got time for dirty makeup brushes!

Seriously though, our brushes collect oil, bacteria, and lots of other icky stuff, so we need to be sure we keep the clean so we don’t continue to rub all that gross stuff onto our eyes, faces, etc.

Method One: Deep Clean with Baby Shampoo

  1. Buy yourself some baby shampoo, yes, baby shampoo! It’s super gentle and won’t harm your brushes.
  2. Dampen your brush with lukewarm water and dip it in a little bit of the shampoo.
  3. Swirl your brush around in the palm of your hand to loosen up the makeup and get all the hairs nice and clean. Rinse.
  4. Use a paper towel to pat off any excess water from the brush.
  5. Reshape the brush hairs with your fingers so when they dry, they will dry in the correct shape.
  6. Lay your brush on an angle. You want the brush hairs on a downward angle so water does not get into the base/shaft of the brush.
  7. Let dry and voila – clean brushes!

Method Two: Deep Clean and Condition with Dish Soap and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grab some dish soap (I suggest using a natural one) and EVOO!

  1. In a dish, mix 2 parts soap to 1 part oil
  2. Just like the first method, dampen your brush with lukewarm water and swirl it in your mixture.
  3. Swirl your brush around in the palm of your hand to loosen up the makeup and get all the hairs nice and clean. Rinse.
  4. Use a paper towel to pat off any excess water from the brush.
  5. Reshape the brush hairs with your fingers so when they dry, they will dry in the correct shape.
  6. Lay your brush on an angle. You want the brush hairs on a downward angle so water does not get into the base/shaft of the brush.
  7. Let dry and voila – clean brushes!

Method Three: Spot Clean with a Brush Cleanser

  1. Get yourself a paper towel and pour some of your brush cleanser onto it.
  2. Swirl your dirty brush around in the cleanser until it start to swirl and look clean.
  3. Most brush cleansers will dry very quickly, which is why many makeup artists use them between clients.

Cleaning Your beautyblender

  1. Get your beautyblender wet, just like you would before using it, but don’t squeeze all the water out.
  2. Swirl your beautyblender around in the cleanser and rinse. Repeat until clean.
  3. Note: I have found that over time my beautyblender will get stains depending on the products used, so it’s normal if it still looks a little dirty after cleaning.

I hope you’ve all found this post helpful and will put some brush cleaning on your to-do list! It always seems to be on mine. :)

What is your go-to method for brush cleaning?



June Favorites: All The Best Things

Happy Summer everyone! I know it’s been a while since my last post and I apologize.  As you might imagine, moving across the country, finding a place to live, getting settled, and starting a new job all within two months can be quite hectic! However, I am happy to say that we are pretty settled in now!

Adjusting to living in completely new place hasn’t been easy to say the least. There are so many things that are completely different living in NYC from living in Florida. The one on my mind recently is how much walking you do! Due to all of the strolling around the city, I am getting a lot more time in the sun. Even though I am always wearing SPF, I can’t avoid the fact that I’m getting a bit tanner. I know a glowing tan is something many girls long for, but I tend to avoid the sun/tanning when I can.

That being said, I’d say about 75% of my foundations/face products are too light for me now! The horror. I may be making a stop at Sephora this weekend to get a new foundation, but it’s not a huge rush because one of my favorites still matches me – my Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation!

Check out my video below to see the other products I’ve been loving the past month, as well as some quick reviews on products I’ve used up.


Favorite Products for June:

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Burt’s Bees Richly Replenishing Body Lotion

Sigma P86 Precision Tapered Brush

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave in Conditioner

Sukiface Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser Lemongrass Extract + Natural Sugar

Empties I Loved:

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion

Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother

Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo & Conditioner

LUSH Flying Fox Body Wash

What have you been loving so far this summer? Let me know below in the comments! ^_^



Parabens in Cosmetics: Are You At Risk?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spend the last year or two slowly noticing that many of the cosmetic products you see in stores are starting to label themselves paraben-free. At first you maybe glanced at it and moved on with your shopping, but after a while you started to wonder, “What the heck are parabens and why are some of my favorite brands forgoing them!?” Lucky for you (and me) one my best friends is a scientist! Well, as far as I’m concerned she is. Claire has a degree in chemistry and has worked in the field for a few years now, plus she is going to be starting a masters program in cosmetics chemistry this summer! Perfect!

Claire agreed to join me for a video to discuss the basics of parabens (specifically parabens in cosmetics), their dangers, and chat about our personal feelings on using products containing them. You can watch the video below!

Like I spoke about in the video, if you’re someone like me who is looking to stay away from products containing parabens as much as possible, I wanted to list some of my favorite brands which are fairly easy to get. Some are more affordable than others, but like Claire said, when you go the more natural route it costs the company more money, hence the higher price tag!

Some beauty brands I love that are entirely paraben-free are:

Tarte Cosmetics

Josie Maran


Neutrogena Naturals

Bare Minerals

Yes To

Burts Bees


Eminence Organics

Keep in mind there are many other brands which carry paraben-free products, but their entire line isn’t safe. For instance, I have the Nars Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturizer which is paraben-free, but not all Nars products are safe if you’re avoiding parabens.

There are also more brands which are exclusively paraben-free, so spend some time with your friend the internet doing your research!

Now that you’re a little more educated on parabens and their potential dangers how do you feel about parabens in cosmetics? What is your action plan?


*Disclaimer: These are our opinions and information gather by research on the subject. It is always important you do your own research before making personal choices for your health and body.

Beauty Blender Review: How To & Review on the beautyblender!

What are these squishy pink balls?!

I’m sure you’ve at least heard of these magical sponges by now, right? The beauty blender has hit the beauty scene with a bang this past year as we’ve seen celebrities and their makeup artists taking about them as well as beauty guru’s all of the internet raving. I believe Kim Kardashian is one of the celebs known for her use of the beauty blender.

(Note: The correct brand name is actually written as beautyblender, but for SEO purposes lets just split it up, OK?)

I have tried many brushes to apply my foundation. I’ve used the MAC 187 brush, the Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush, and have tried some of the Real Techniques brushes. While each of them works well, I have to tell you that not one of them applies my foundations as flawlessly as the beauty blender.

Keep it in mind, the type of foundation you’re using my play into which tool will work best for you. For reference I’ve used the beauty blender with Urban Decay Naked Skin, Nars Sheer Glow, Revlon Colorstay Whipped and it’s worked marvelously on all of them.

Now that your interest is piqued, you might still be confused on how to use this product and if it will really make that much of a difference. I recently filmed a video showing you how to use the beauty blender and I also give you my thoughts and review it.

You can purchase the beauty blender on its own, or in a kit with a cleansing solution to clean it. It’s really up to you there, but I bought mine on their own.

Cleaning your beauty blender is easy! I clean mine after every 1-2 uses because I do not want to get any bacteria on my skin. Yuck. I wet the beauty blender and swirl the dirtiest end in a tiny bit of anti-bacterial soap under warm water. I let the beauty blender soak up water, and rinse until all the soap is gone. Ta-da! Nice and sanitary!

I hope you’ll find my video demo helpful and that you’ll give this a product a go for yourself. It’s the real deal. :)