Parabens in Cosmetics: Are You At Risk?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spend the last year or two slowly noticing that many of the cosmetic products you see in stores are starting to label themselves paraben-free. At first you maybe glanced at it and moved on with your shopping, but after a while you started to wonder, “What the heck are parabens and why are some of my favorite brands forgoing them!?” Lucky for you (and me) one my best friends is a scientist! Well, as far as I’m concerned she is. Claire has a degree in chemistry and has worked in the field for a few years now, plus she is going to be starting a masters program in cosmetics chemistry this summer! Perfect!

Claire agreed to join me for a video to discuss the basics of parabens (specifically parabens in cosmetics), their dangers, and chat about our personal feelings on using products containing them. You can watch the video below!

Like I spoke about in the video, if you’re someone like me who is looking to stay away from products containing parabens as much as possible, I wanted to list some of my favorite brands which are fairly easy to get. Some are more affordable than others, but like Claire said, when you go the more natural route it costs the company more money, hence the higher price tag!

Some beauty brands I love that are entirely paraben-free are:

Tarte Cosmetics

Josie Maran


Neutrogena Naturals

Bare Minerals

Yes To

Burts Bees


Eminence Organics

Keep in mind there are many other brands which carry paraben-free products, but their entire line isn’t safe. For instance, I have the Nars Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturizer which is paraben-free, but not all Nars products are safe if you’re avoiding parabens.

There are also more brands which are exclusively paraben-free, so spend some time with your friend the internet doing your research!

Now that you’re a little more educated on parabens and their potential dangers how do you feel about parabens in cosmetics? What is your action plan?


*Disclaimer: These are our opinions and information gather by research on the subject. It is always important you do your own research before making personal choices for your health and body.

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  1. TheGirl

    April 27, 2013 at 11:57 AM

    Some paraben are found naturally in nature….like in blueberries.

    • Danielleisms

      April 28, 2013 at 11:28 AM

      Yeah, that is how a lot of products can get away with being paraben free! :)

      • TheGirl

        April 28, 2013 at 8:47 PM

        Oh really, they label themselves “paraben-free’ on the front of the jar, but then list polyparaben on the back of the jar??


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