Natural Makeup Look for n00bz!

natural makeup lookHey n00bz! Just kidding. Welcome to the world of makeup! Maybe you aren’t exactly new to makeup, but you may find that you struggle with finding makeup looks that you’re comfortable with. This is understandable, especially with all of the videos and tutorials out there (including some of my own) which are a little more dramatic.

Fear no more, in my newest video I show you a very simple and natural makeup look that will enhance your natural beauty rather than making you feel too made up.

I start off with a few really easy steps that will help you feel more confident and pretty, for days where the just rolled out of bed look won’t cut it. Let’s be honest though, some days that looks is perfectly fine!

Next, I show you a few additional steps you can take to amp the look up so that if you get invited out you can look a little more done up!

I really hope you all find this video helpful and that you enjoy it! Be sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet, follow me on Twitter, and check out my Facebook page! xx

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